Luna Simić


Hi, I'm Luna.

I grew up in Sarajevo, Bosnia, raised by two writers and a 'village' of other artists and creative types. In my early teens I moved to Toronto, Canada, and in the midst of massive culture shock and the usual teen angst, I fell in love with photography. I knew then that I'd spend the rest of my life making images.

Since then, my passion has guided me from photography school to work in advertising, architecture and editorial. And my countless hours of retouching and compositing in Photoshop have had a profound effect on my own fine art work, which now mixes photography, painting, digital illustration, and sculpture.

Currently based in Berlin, Germany, I happily split my time between personal and freelance work: shooting, retouching, sculpting, editing a magazine. And finding myself somewhere between my early childhood impressions of an artist and a happy adult.

I'm available for freelance photography, retouching and other creative pursuits, so drop me a line!

+49 176 7744 2951